The Course Layout :

Advanced (Level B) : The Fourteen Days workshop caters for specific professional requirements. It aims to provide basic and advanced langauage skills as well as deliver domain specific content. A must for professionals seeking career enhancement, career change and also for candiadtes appearing for any kind of interview. The same can also be conducted in situ in the host institute over five days.

Package :

Individual : 5 day module is Rs 3000 per person

Schools & Institutes : Rs 25000 per batch.

Model A – At the Winning Edge, duration 14 days

Day Activities
1 Picture Story / Story Writing
Debating (Handout)
2 Vocabulary Development – Vocabulary Games
Poetry Appreciation / Poetry Writing
3 Spoken English Exercises
Letter Writing (Handout)
4 Essay Writing (Handout)
Paper Reading
5 Role Play and Simulation
6 Group Discussion
7 Retention Stories
8 Interviews
9 Applications
10 Spellathons and Pronounciation
11 Extempore
12 Dumb Charades (Brain Storming) / Communication
13 Analysis/ Comprehensions
14 Problem Solving
Open House

Model B – At the School / Institute, duration 5 days

Day Activities
1 Debating (Handout)
Vocabulary Development – Vocabulary Games
Poetry Appreciation / Poetry Writing
2 Spoken English Exercises
Paper Reading
3 Role Play and Simulation
Group Discussion
4 Retention Stories
Paper Reading
5 Spellathons and Pronounciation
Dumb Charades (Brain Storming) / Communication
Analysis/ Comprehensions
Problem Solving
Open House