For Students who want to be ahead of time through our focussed and updated state of art modules, our distant learning program is the answer. Being geographically distant is no more a disadvantage; all we need is an aspiration to succeed. THE WINNING EDGE will come to the homes of these children who aspire to succeed through comprehensive well researched modules.

On enrolment for the package, customized study material, monthly updates, specially produced video lessons and the Mock Test Package are sent to assist the candidates in preparation for the exams at their own pace and at an affordable cost. The candidates are monitored regularly by our team of experts and all queries are answered by them. The Mock Test results help the candidates in assessing their performance with others. The package is sent by secure mail and rest of the correspondence is through email/ post depending upon the choice of the candidates.

The Package :

-Per Subject : Rs 5000.

-All Subjects Comprehensive Plan: Rs 12,500.